Athlete Biography

A friend challenged me to participate in the Provincial Championships when I was 14.  From thereon I was hooked and the rest is history. My father was an athlete, and both of my parents are cyclists. My father and brother are participating in Ultra Triathlons.  My parents and brother are always supporting and encouraging me.

I currently train at the High Performance Centre at the University of Pretoria under the watchfull eye of my coach and friend, Lindsey Parry.

Athlete Sponsors: PUMA, ASG Sport Solutions, Compressport, Future Life, Triathlon SA, High Performance Centre, University of Pretoria

Athlete Language: Afrikaans, English

Athlete Tri Entry Year: 2006

Athlete Education: Studying Honns: Sport Science

Athlete Hobbies: Playing FIFA 14, Watching soccer, spending time with friends

Athlete Sports Hero: Tom Boonen, Javier Gomez, Peter Sagan

Athlete Proudest Moment: Winning 2012 u/23 Africa Championships

Athlete Coach: Lindsey Parry, Rocco Meiring

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