Athlete Biography

The person who has had the most influence on my sporting career is Lance Armstrong; I have admired him all of my life, and consider him one of the best athletes in history. My family has a history of sport. as my brother Andres Cabascango is one of Ecuador’s top athletes. My personal best swim time (750m) is 9:45, bike (20km) 28:33, and run (5km) 15:23. My favorite ITU race has been in Guatupe, Colombia because I really enjoy the course. My triathlon goals are to win an Olympic gold medal, and to rank number one in the world.

Outside of triathlon, I want to graduate with a degree in biochemistry from university. Something that the triathlon world may not know about me is that I train with swimmers, cyclists and local athletes and I perform about the same as them.

Athlete Sponsors: Tecnocyclo

Athlete Tri Entry Year: 2005

Athlete Education: Secondary school

Athlete Proudest Moment: My proudest triathlon-related moment has been my brother\'s win at the 2007 Pan-American Championships in Edmonton.

Athlete Coach: Alberto Hernandez, Jorge Hernandez, Luis Chocho

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