Athlete Biography

When I was very young I learned swimming, then in elementary school started modern pentathlon. In 1990 changed it for triathlon.
1992-2006 member of the hungarian triathlon team
1992,1994,2003 national champion in sprint distance
1995,2006 national champion in olympic distance
many second and third places on national championships

Athlete Sponsors: Saucony, Treksport,TVK, city of Tiszaújváros

Athlete Language: hungarian, english, some spanish

Athlete Tri Entry Year: 1990

Athlete Other Sports: yoga, mountain bike

Athlete Education: college for economy on marketing subject

Athlete Hobbies: books, music, movies, meeting with friends& family

Athlete Children: 1 godson

Athlete Sports Hero: Egerszegi Krisztina

Athlete Proudest Moment: every time when I represent my country to be national champion in 2006

Athlete Injuries: inflamed right femoral muscle in 1998. strained left wrist and bruised left knee in an accident when I was hitted by a car in 2001 broken right hand in 2004 broken two toes on left foot and sprained left ankle in 2007

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