Athlete Biography

Chris grew up in Brisbane showing prodigious talent at a number of sports some surprisingly enough were full contact no padding. He earned his stripes as third change runner in his inter-collegiate (whatever that means) track team gaining the gushing plaudits of his school news paper – The Tingalpa Gazette.

After the emotional tumult of the fame of these dizzying heights Chris packed off to Cuba to follow Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara’s long trodden path fighting tyranny and oppression through-out South America and became known as a langer or feeding horse for his fondness for bum puffing Cuban cigars but dislike of applied communism.

Having spent these years as a self effacing peace monger Chris decided to break these shackles and become a selfish triathlete who only thinks of himself in an undying pursuit of triathlon immortality. (He also prides himself as not being cynical).

Alas this lifestyle was hard to conform with and was quickly arrested. Hill now just decides to train and race intermittently with an unparalleled desire not seen before in his career.

He devours basic existentialist texts at a snails pace and likes reading away the days with Marcel Proust and W.H. Auden his life long friends.

He is interested and inspired in a true dilettante manner by the work of the abstract expressionist artists known to loiter around New York in the1950’s. (see de Kooning, Klee, Motherwell and of course Rothko) Or can be found re-watching Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove or Woody Allen movies in the comfortable surrounds of his 52 seat home theatre. He also firmly believes he is not a snob for doing this – just normal.

Athlete Sponsors: Retired

Athlete Language: english

Athlete Tri Entry Year: 1991

Athlete Education: undergraduate Bond University - jour./aust lit.

Athlete Hobbies: driving at dusk. likes thai chi and Chai tea.

Athlete Sports Hero: Ivan \'the truth\' Lendel

Athlete Proudest Moment: Hill took the world triathlon scene by storm in 2001 winning the coveted and now lucrative world cup series title. Hill in his acceptance speech thanked all those triathletes who went before him (and would have thanked the ones who are to come if he hadn’t had his mic pulled for exceeding the 30min limit) paving the treacherously pot-holed path of the professional athlete so he could climb seemingly effortlessly to victory. Alas, whilst standing aloft the Everest of his chosen sport he began to understand that victory is not his to share alone and came to the realization - as exposure and success increases there should be a commensurate increase in personal humility. This is easier said then done, especially when the opportunities and allure of fame come calling and when the doors of celebrity are swung open. Consequently, Hill was seen attending gala openings (and sometimes closings due to mysterious insurance related self starting infernos) of large corporations (a word which is anathema to him) and being entertained by the world’s rich and famous. Luckily he took this all in his stride and merely used the opportunity to speak with some of the great writers, artists and ventriloquists of generation X (or was it Y) who in turn enlightened and inspired him to regain his focus in applying himself again to the brutally torturous life of the professional athlete.

Athlete Injuries: Chris decided long ago in his triathlon career not to get injured. He spends most of his days living by this edict and consequently rarely steps out of the house in anger to train – or so the story goes. Injuries he believes are something that is only the preserve of athletes who give 110%. This figure Chris believes is problematic, over ambitious and can’t be sustained – especially whilst injured. He likes to conform to the Aristotelian ideal of the ‘via media’ or golden mean – whereby one tempers his/her rationale/emotion and not become overly rash in ones life nor exceedingly timid. That courage for example is found whilst following the middle way between these two extremes. Chris also while enjoying his regular massages feels the rooms of physio’s feel too hospital like - so he tries to avoid them at all costs. Also, they always keep a person waiting which in his opinion is impolite. So if it weren’t for the trashy gossip magazines with interminable pictures of Princess Mary in the reception area of their haunts Chris would rarely visit. It should also be noted that without the support of his running shoe provider New Balance, Chris’ career would surely have been shorter due to leg fatigue.

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