Athlete Biography

Michelle discovered triathlon as a freshman in 2003 at Virginia Tech University.  Michelle won the 20-24 Age-Group Triathlon World Championships after only one year in the sport and qualified for the US U23 Triathlon Wold Championship Team in 2005 and 2006.  Her future goals include qualifying for the Olympics and becoming a top BG World Cup competitor.

Athlete Sponsors: DaimlerChrysler,Seigler-Imports, ASICS, Powerbar,

Athlete Language: English

Athlete Tri Entry Year: 2005

Athlete Other Sports: cycling, equestrian

Athlete Education: BS from Virginia Tech in Human Nutrition

Athlete Hobbies: hiking, mountain biking, reading, cooking

Athlete Proudest Moment: Winning 2004 Amateur World Championships 20-24 Age Group in Madeira

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