Team ITU 2015

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Goal of project

The primary objective of this project is to provide support, resources and expertise to athletes from emerging/developing National Federations with the potential to compete at Rio 2016 and to compete at a World Cup level and at the same time increase the number of coaches from emerging/developing National Federations gaining experience in the preparation and support of athletes competing at a World Cup level.

Project Outline

  • Emerging/Developing National Federations are invited to submit applications.
  • Applications for athletes with the potential to compete in Rio de Janeiro 2016 that have already proven themselves at an ITU Elite, U23, Junior World Championship, World Cup or Continental Cup level will be favoured.
  • Four (4) World Cup events have been named as the Team ITU events.
  • At each of these events a coaching support will be on hand for the athletes selected.
  • The group will be accommodated as a ‘team’ and supported as such pre, during and post event.

Target Group

The target group will be athletes from emerging/developing National Federations who have already shown a high level of competence in World Cup and/or Continental Cup events and are looking to qualify for Rio 2016 but need support in order to do so.

Qualification Criteria

  • Athletes must be registered with their National Federations and have shown the ability to race at a high level.
  • The athletes nominated should be committed to competing in the long term and have the Olympic Games as an ultimate objective.
  • While there will be maximum of eight (8) slots available at each event athletes will be selected at the discretion of the ITU Development and in some cases not all the slots or more slots will be filled.
  • Athletes from the continent where the WC is taking place are in favour.

Time Line

Applications must be submitted in writing to ITU Development and each applicant must also be entered by their National Federation for the respective World Cup events with ITU via the online entry method by the closing date for entry for the specific event they are applying for. 

A National Federation may nominate no more than two (2) male and two (2) females. If more than one nominated by gender, the list of nomination has to be in preference order.

Deadlines for Application submission

EventSubmission Deadline
2015 Chengdu ITU Triathlon World Cup15 March 2015
2015 Huatulco ITU Triathlon World Cup15 April 2015
2015 Tiszaujvaros ITU Triathlon World Cup10 June 2015
2015 Alanya ITU Triathlon World Cup15 August 2015


All athletes selected will be funded as follows:

  1. Hotel accommodation (on a shared basis) for a maximum of 5 days,
  2. Meals – 3 per day (or a meal stipend),
  3. Bike mechanic services,
  4. Coaching support.

PLEASE NOTE: A travel stipend of 250 - 750 USD will be provided to each Team ITU Development member per event.


The athletes selected will be tracked over the year to determine their progress and feedback sheets will be completed by all of the participants post each event.

Application form

Please complete relevant application form and forward to Zita Csovelyak on or before due dates.
Click here for the Application Form

Definition and Explanation of National Federation Status:

For the purpose of the ITU Development (Athlete and Coaching) we have categorized National Federations into three (3) categories:

  1. Olympic NF’s are those NF’s who had representation at the London Olympic Games through the standard qualification system (excluding universality slots).
  2. Emerging NF’s are those NF’s who had no competitors at the London Olympic Games but have had representation at the World Triathlon Grand Final in the Elite, U23 or Junior Categories in the past two years.
  3. Developing NF’s are those NF’s with no representation at the World Triathlon Grand Final in the Elite, U23 and Junior Categories in the past two years.

The ITU Athlete and Coaching Development Programme specifically targets Emerging and Developing NF’s.