Contact Information

Email: Mr. Qin Jianqiu

Phone: 010-68826378, 010-68863377, ext. 2099

Fax: 010-68862596, 010-68826378

Mailing Address: No. 15, Laoshan West Street, Shijingshan District, Beijing 100049, P.R. China

Event Information

Entry Fee: Not applicable

The China Triathlon Sports Association will assist all the participants to get an entry visa into China by issuing necessary invitations or visa documents.  We need your passport name and passport number, which should be exactly the same as on the passport with you are going to be travelling, if you are required to submit the special visa document to the Chinese Embassy.

Athletes may train on the competition cousre during designated time range.

The LOC will arrange other pre-race training facilities, such as swimming pool and track.