Contact Information

Email: Ms. Jin Wen

Phone: 86-(0)10-68826378

Fax: 86-(0)10-68862596

Mailing Address: CTSA, Street: No.5, Laoshan West Street, Zipcode:100049, Country: P.R.China

Event Information

Prize Money: Elite: 20 000 USD

Entry Deadline
Elite: According to ITU Rules
Age Groups: 15 days before the 1st competition day

Prize money
20,000USD for Elite
160,000RMB for Junior & Age Groups

Prize money distribution. Elite men and women:
1st. 2,500 USD
2nd. 2,000 USD
3rd. 1,500 USD
4th. 1,000 USD
5th. 800 USD
6th. 700 USD
7th. 600 USD
8th. 400 USD
9th. 300 USD
10th. 200 USD

Course details
SWIM - 1.5 km - 2 laps
Start Mechanism
Elite: Pontoon Diving Start
Age Groups: In-water Start
Inland Lake
Wetsuit Probably
Altitude: about 1600m
BIKE - 40 km - 6 laps
Asphalt plus cement, flat, a few corners
RUN - 10 km - 2 laps
Asphalt plus cement, flat

All Age Group athletes are required to conduct a Health Check before the race according to the attached Guidelines (DOCS section above) and the related certificate must be shown upon registration at the Official Hotel.

More Event details in DOCS Section