2013 Karlovy Vary ITU Triathlon European Cup

Contact Information

Email: Vladimír Malý

Phone: 00420604480763

Fax: 00420353562659

Mailing Address: CITY TRIATHLON Karlovy Vary o.s., Šmeralova 320/26, CZ-36005, Czech Republic

Event Information

Entry Fee: AG: 20 Euro / Super Sprint & Team Relay: 20 Euro / ELITE: 60 Euro

Prize Money: 12500€

1500 m
Mass start from the pier with a jump into the water, sound of horn
Water temperature: 21°C
Number of laps: 3
Notes: Turning left, Each lap is followed by a run out of water in the length of approx. 20 m

39 km
Number of laps: Course-approach(5 km) +7 laps(each lap 5km)
Notes: each lap 5km with heart break hill 21° 500m long, technically difficult, asphalt surface+pavement blocks

9,8 km
Number of laps:4
Notes: 10 km, 4 laps flat course each 2,5km long with 10m steps, pavement

Prize money distribution. Elite men and women:
1st. 1,560 EUR
2nd. 1,250 EUR
3rd. 940 EUR
4th. 625 EUR
5th. 500 EUR
6th. 440 EUR
7th. 375 EUR
8th. 250 EUR
9th. 185 EUR
10th. 125 EUR