Contact Information

Email: Kate Blood

Phone: 027 6262336

Mailing Address: Street: c/ Tri NZ, 4 Clayton St, Newmarket - Town: Auckland - Zipcode: 1023 - Country: New Zealand

Event Information

Prize Money: 7 000 NZD

AGE GROUP: From NZD 82 for Sprint and NZD 102 for Standard (NZD 20 extra within last 2 weeks of event)
ELITE: NZD 82 (NZD102 if entered within last two weeks of event)

750 m
Number of laps: 1
The swim is a mass beach start
Water temperature: Approx. 20 degrees
Lake Swim triangle shaped anti-clockwise

20 km
Number of laps: 5
Steady climb from transition flattens out for 1st right hand turn flat before left turn onto steep climb and descent, flat then steady downhill to sharp left turn back to transition area for coned turn. Repeat. Bike course is very technical, excellent bike skills required.

5 km
Number of laps: 2
Steady climb from transition to 1st left turn, undulating from there. Marina over bridge is an arched bridge short sharp climb and descent then back though transition .Repeat

For more information about the Event including course maps see

Prize money distribution. Elite men and women:
1st. 1 050 NZD
2nd. 875 NZD
3rd. 700 NZD
4th. 525 NZD
5th. 350 NZD