Contact Information

Email: Sergey Nikishin

Phone: +788412920572

Fax: +788412920571

Mailing Address: Committee of the Penza region for Physical Culture and Sport / Sergey Nikishin, Street: Vtoroi Vinogradnii Proezd, 30, Town: Penza, Country:Russia

Event Information

Entry Fee: AG: 30€ / ELITE: 50€

Prize Money: 15 000 EUR

1.5 km
Start mechanism: pontoon
Water temperature: 22
Number of laps: 2

40 km
Number of laps: 8 laps х 5 km
One ascent, forest zone, a rapid descent, a long straight road. One 5- kilometer circle.

10 km
Number of laps: 4 laps х 2,5 km
Flat area at the exit from the transit zone, a small slope, a small rise, turn, ascent, turn, descent, flat area, turn to the main section of the finish area. Each circle is 2.5 km long

General map:

Prize money distribution. Elite men and women:
1st. 1,875 EUR
2nd. 1,500 EUR
3rd. 1,125 EUR
4th. 750 EUR
5th. 600 EUR
6th. 525 EUR
7th. 450 EUR
8th. 300 EUR
9th. 225 EUR
10th. 150 EUR