2014 Dnepropetrovsk ETU Sprint Triathlon European Cup

Contact Information

Email: Sergii LYSOV

Phone: +380503621767

Mailing Address: Triathlon Federation of Dnipropetrovsk, Pravdi ave, 35, office 406

Event Information

Entry Fee: 50 €

Prize Money: 10 000 €

Known as the Rocket City to some Western observers, this city was closed to all westerners until 1990. Until then all that was known was that Dnipropetrovs’k was a major manufacturing centre for agricultural tractors and special kitchen equipment. That was the official line but in reality this city was the centre of Soviet excellence for the design and manufacturing of missiles for military use and systems used for astronomic research and the space programme known as Interkosmos.
So why should you race in Dnipropetrovs’k? Well, several reasons: you will be the first international athletes to race on Ukrainian soil for our sport; you will go somewhere that most of your friends have never been; you will be looked after very well by the LOC and have a great race in a city that was closed to all Westerners until only 1990.

Water temperature: 17 – 20 °C
Number of laps: 1 lap, 750m.
Start Mechanism: pontoon
River Dnipro is situated at the central part of the City. It is not deep (<2m)
The Dnieper is Ukraine’s longest river that wanders its way from the far north, weaves around and eventually emerges into the Black Sea near Odessa. The river is famed for its delicious crayfish, which is a good indication that the government, over the years, have achieved some considerable success in cleaning up the previously poisonous waters. As far north as Kyiv, once the summer arrives the river is full of swimmers. In Dnipropetrovs’k the summer will see the beaches of the river packed with people sunbathing, cooling off in the waters and enjoying a relaxing beer.
Transition will be on the banks for the river on the large promenade area.

Number of laps: 3 laps, 6600m.
1 climb – 600m, 2 sharp turns, flat, asphalt. Race is set at the central part of the city near the river side
The bike course, around the water’s edge of the city, will take the athletes over closed roads, with a climb for each of the three laps and a series of sharp turns to add the technical challenges.

Number of laps: 3 laps, 1670 m.
Flat, Pavement, Race is set at the central part of the city near the river side. Additionally, cooling arch will be provided for the athletes.
The run is dead flat and fast and along the edge of the river. Again three laps to run and then to the finish.

Map: http://www.triathlon.org/uploads/events/course_dnipro.jpg

Prize money distribution. Elite men and women:
1st. 1,250 EUR
2nd. 1,000 EUR
3rd. 750 EUR
4th. 500 EUR
5th. 400 EUR
6th. 350 EUR
7th. 300 EUR
8th. 200 EUR
9th. 150 EUR
10th. 100 EUR