2014 Sarasota PATCO Triathlon Junior North American Championships : Mar 08 2014 : Junior Men : Start List

Start Number First Name Last Name Country
201 Diego Alfredo Perez Flores MEX MX
202 Alexander Romanenko USA US
203 Oliver Blecher CAN CA
204 Connor Weaver USA US
205 Jake Armstrong CAN CA
206 John Quintana CRC CR
208 Gregory Schott USA US
209 Diego Arellano Arias MEX MX
210 Brennen Smith CAN CA
211 Eduardo Israel Lamas Hernández MEX MX
212 Matthew Piper USA US
213 Michael Milic CAN CA
214 Xavier Grenier-Talavera CAN CA
215 Jeremy Briand CAN CA
216 Graham Pimentel USA US
217 Jacob Jamnicky CAN CA
218 Cooper Bentley CAN CA
219 Darian Hole CAN CA
220 Josh Rinderknecht USA US
221 Alex Marshall USA US
222 Maxime Dinel CAN CA
223 Loic Poupart CAN CA
224 Guillaume Chénard CAN CA
225 Brammon Edwards CAN CA
226 Sam Geiman USA US
227 Eduardo Londoño Naranjo COL CO
228 Diego Alejandro Lopez Acosta MEX MX
229 Darr Smith USA US
230 Russell Pennock CAN CA
231 Robbie Deckard USA US
232 Alec Wilimovsky USA US
233 Cullen Goss USA US
234 Alexander Thomas USA US
235 Jake Mceneaney USA US
236 Bret Izzo USA US
237 Jeremy Obrand CAN CA
238 Aron Mohammadi CAN CA
239 Christian Gillette TTO TT
240 Mason Riley USA US
241 Clayton Marshall USA US
242 Stone Dyson USA US
243 Alec Jarvis CAN CA
244 Nicolas Gilbert CAN CA
245 Stefan Daniel CAN CA
246 Tyler Smith BER BM
247 Brent Demarest USA US
248 Hamish Babin CAN CA
249 Joshua Ho TTO TT
250 Robbie Starling USA US
251 Charles Paquet CAN CA
252 Tony Morales USA US
253 Timothy Macleod CAN CA
254 Jonathan Dottridge CAN CA
255 Grant Jarvis USA US
256 Kade Hunter USA US
257 Max Bennett USA US
258 Garrick Loewen CAN CA
259 Nathan Ley USA US
260 Eli Hemming USA US
261 Alexandre Gignac CAN CA
262 Alex Hernandez USA US
263 Simon Baribeau CAN CA
264 Seth Rider USA US
265 Alex Maxwell CAN CA
267 Dillon Nobbs USA US
268 Hayden Dibona USA US
269 Duncan Reid USA US
270 Gerzon Magdiel Hernández Jiménez MEX MX
271 Jacob Boberg USA US
272 Rowan Doherty CAN CA
273 Corey Arsenault CAN CA
274 Austin Hindman USA US

Swim 750m (1 lap); Bike 19,3 km (3 laps), Run 5 km (2 laps). Water temperature 19.4 C. Wetsuits allowed. Athletes Guillaume Chenard/CAN and Simon Baribeau/CAN were disqualified due to not to stop at the penalty box.