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Argentina’s Taccone steals win after dramatic finale in Huatulco

15 June 2014 by Erin Greene
Argentina’s Taccone steals win after dramatic finale in Huatulco

Argentina’s Luciano Taccone was handed a surprise win in the Huatulco world cup race on Sunday after Aurelién Lescure (FRA) collapsed 50m before the finish line and relinquished his lead, with Italy’s Davide Uccellari coming second.

Taccone finished in 2:01:58 and Uccellari in 2:02:08, with Lescure limping over the line just one second later. After a period in the recovery zone, Lescure was transported to hospital, unable to take his place on the podium.

“It’s a bitter win, with Lescure faling right at the end,” Taccone said. “I wanted to stop and help him but with Uccellari coming up behind I didn’t want to lose the extra points, so I had to finish. I regret not helping him now, but I had to finish the race.”

The two Frenchmen dominated the bike race, with Etienne Diemunsch ahead but shadowed by Lescure, while Taccone and Canada’s Gabriel Legault jostled for positions in the lead pack.

Taccone kept up the pace and held onto third but Legault dropped back after the third lap, eventually finishing 27th.

Diemunsch held the lead as Taccone rode into second in the sixth lap.

Diemunsch was first off the bike in the transition to the run, followed by Lescure, Taccone and Gregory Barnaby (ITA), while Denmark’s Andreas Schilling was quickly dropped on the run after a fast swim and bike.

Leading as he approached the finish line, high temperatures proved too much for Lescure, allowing Taccone to overtake him for first place. Lescure managed to cross the line to take third and secure a podium place ahead of Diemunsch, who had a disappointing result after dominating much of the race.

“I’d like to thank all the people who organized this, and the great crowd, people from all over the world here, from Italy, Argentina,” Uccellari said. “We have the European championship next week and next year I hope to be back here.”

Editor’s update: Lescure was released from the hospital shortly after his visit physical state was deemed controlled and was back in his hotel on Sunday.

All files from Adam Critchley.

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