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Ecoflag will wave at test event for 2011 Extremadura Cross Triathlon World Championships

06 May 2010 by Brad Culp

The Iberian Cross Triathlon and Cross Duathlon Championships (test event for the 2011 ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships) to be held May 22-23 in El Anillo, Extremadura, Spain, has been recognised with Ecoflag, developed by the non-for-profit international organization Global Sport Alliance (GSA).

The Ecoflag Movement is a global drive by sport enthusiasts to develop a sustainable society. By flying the Ecoflag at sport events the event organization aims to increase environmental awareness and promote action among spectators and athletes.

GSA, based in Tokyo, has decided to wave Ecoflag in El Anillo, recognising the labour of the Spanish Triathlon Federation and the Extremadura Autonomous Community to respect the environment.

It will not the first time that Ecoflag will wave in an international triathlon event in Spain, as it was in the 2004 and 2005 Madrid ITU Triathlon World Cup.

The Spanish Triathlon Federation and the Portuguese Triathlon Federation decided to create the first Iberian Cross Triathlon and Cross Duathlon Championships this year. José Hidalgo, Spanish Triathlon Federation president, and José Luís Moreira Ferreira, Portuguese Triathlon Federation president, had a meeting in El Anillo of Extremadura last week to check the course and details of the event.

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