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Essential Triathlon Training Tips: Run core

01 April 2013 by Erin Greene
Essential Triathlon Training Tips: Run core

If we have said it before, we’ll say it again. A strong core is key to having a strong triathlon. It’s also important for preventing injuries, as well as staving off old ones, especially on the run.

As mentioned in last week’s training tip, the jarring effect of running and its impact on your joints can cause injuries if proper technique and preparation is not carried out. But long runs don’t have to equate to pain. One way to minimize the chance of injury is to focus on core work. Simply put, a stronger core equates to less chance of injury.

Your core also plays an important part in proper run technique, which means running with an elongated torso that’s tilted forward. Check out this week’s video to see examples of an ideal body position on the run. Then find a World Triathlon Series race near you where you can but your run skills to the test.

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