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Long Distance World Championships

13 April 2005 by ITU Admin

The second ITU WC in Fredericia -
On 7’Th of August 2005, the Long Distance World Championship will be held in Fredericia, Denmark for the 2´nd time. We staged our first World Championships here in 2001, and in 2 consecutive days we put up 2 full ultra-distance races, and the local support was of a magnitude that was overwhelming. This instantly spurred us to give it yet another try at The ITU World Championship Long Distance; 4, 0 km. swim, 120 km. cycling and 30 km. run.
We thought that it was: once in a lifetime, but here we are again in an almost Olympic manner - 4 years later! We hold the proud privilege of the Royal Protection by the Crown Prince of Denmark, who has been our protector through the years. His Royal Highness has a keen and personal interest in ultra sports, and is also educated as Navy Seal from the Royal Danish Marine Corps, and will honour us with his presence on raceday.

Where and what is Fredericia -
The Municipality of Fredericia is an average Danish provincial city, which has approx. 49,200 inhabitants, most of them living in urban areas. The city’s main income today is its harbour, industry, and trade, logistic, service and military installations.
The town is situated right in the centre of Denmark, approx. 100 km. north of the German border and approx. 200 km. west of the capital city of Copenhagen. Due to its location Fredericia was and still is one of the busiest railway junctions in Scandinavia Closest International Airport to Fredericia situated approx. 50 km away - Billund international airport.

History -
Fredericia has a very colourful and interesting past. Founded by the King’s decree in 1640 as a fortified city, it served as a military city until the beginning of the last century. This led to Fredericia being populated only by immigrants and people fleeing prosecution for ethnic or religious reasons from all over Europe. Inside the walls of Fredericia they had a sanctuary also decreed by the King, simply in order to populate the city. As strategic place it played a major part in keeping the Jutland peninsula - Danish, and as recent as 1849 and 1864, battles and sieges took place around the fortifications with on storming German armies but it was never surrendered. Still today the City centre is framed by most of its original ramparts, which are between the best preserved in Northern Europe.

Things to be on top of -
In the following pages you will find information on the ITU World Championship race in Fredericia. You would be strongly advised to book hotel accommodation well in advance and to make registration in advance. Not only do we discount early registrations, it is also the best way for you to secure the accommodation that best meets the expectations you have.

We look forward to be seeing- and welcoming you in Fredericia, hoping you will get a good experience and a life lasting remembrance of us Vikings here in Denmark.

On behalf of the Organizing committee of the 2005 ITU Triathlon World Championship LD:

Ole Nikolajsen
Race Director