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Nicola Spirig elected Swiss Female Athlete of the Year

17 December 2012 by Erin Greene

On Sunday, Olympic gold medallist Nicola Spirig was elected the Swiss Female Athlete of the Year at the Credit Suisse Sports Awards 2012 by a margin of more than 30%.

“You could say that it was the best season of my career so far, particularly the victory in London was of course an unforgettable highlight,” said Spirig.

Spirig was given the award based on her incredible winning performance at the 2012 London Olympic Games. The Olympics wasn’t Spirig’s only achievement this year. She also won two ITU World Triathlon Series races in Madrid and in Kitzbüehl and was crowned the European champion in Eilat.

Spirig recently married Reto Hug and also announced they are expecting a baby in April.

Read more about the Swiss awards here and watch the full video of the ceremony here.