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2014 Cape Town ATU Sprint Triathlon African Cup

Cape Town, South Africa | February 16 2014

Event Information

Technical Delegate: Jan Sterk (RSA)

Entry Fee: R400

Prize Money: 60 000 ZAR


Swim - 1 Lap
Stay to the right of green buoys numbers 4 and 5 and yellow buoy number 3
Map: http://www.11global.com/admin/files/ELEVEN%20Cape%20Town%20-%20swim%20course.jpg

Bike - 4 Laps
Map:  http://www.11global.com/admin/files/ELEVEN%20ATU%20Bike.jpg

Run - 2 Laps
Map: http://www.11global.com/admin/files/ELEVEN%20Cape%20Town%202013%20Run.jpg

Expected water temp. 15/16 degrees C
Expected air temp. 26/27 degrees C
Expected wind SEE 24km

Prize money distribution. Elite men and women:
1st. 9,000 ZAR
2nd. 7,500 ZAR
3rd. 6,000 ZAR
4th. 4,500 ZAR
5th. 3,000 ZAR

Contact Information

Website: Visit External Site

Contact: Triathlon South Africa

Email: Triathlon South Africa

Local Information

Event Travel Host Hotel

The Blue Peter Hotel is within walking distance to the triathlon venue.
Please contact them for réservations: http://www.bluepeter.co.za/contactus.html


Athlete Briefing

Saturday 15 February (At Big Bay Life Saving Club House)
15h45 to 16h30 Race briefing

Event Schedule

Friday 14 February (At Big Bay Life Saving Club House)
14h00-16h30 Event Office

Saturday 15 February (At Big Bay Life Saving Club House)
11h00 Athlete on course orientation
15h00 to 16h30 Athletes’ Lounge
15h00 to 15h45 Athlete registration
15h45 to 16h30 Race briefing

Sunday 16 February
05h20 - 06h00 Athlete registration
05h20 - 9h30 Athletes’ Lounge
05h30 Transition opens
06h10 - 06h20 Swim warm-up
06h20 Transition closes
06h30 Athlete introduction line up
06h35 Athlete introduction
06h45 Male start
06h50 Female start
08h30 Medal presentation


Event Media Details

There are currently no media details available