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Fanny Beisaron

Fanny Beisaron


Year of Birth: 1992
Place of Birth: Naharia, Israel
Weight: 55kg
Height: 167cm
Athlete Lives: Carmiel Array
Current Ranking: No Ranking

My first national triathlon was in Eilat, in 2003. I have a family background in sport; my father went in for football and jumping, and my mother was a figure skater. My father has had a big influence on my sporting career.

During a typical training week I do 12 hours of swimming, nine hours of cycling, and seven hours of running. My personal best swim time (1500m) is 19:39, bike (40km) 1:08:12, and run (10km) 37:32. I`m a part of the triathlon club Hapoel Jerusalem. My triathlon goal is to be an elite triathlete in the Olympic Games.

My sporting motto is believe in yourself, and keep looking forward.