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Maximilian Schwetz

Maximilian Schwetz


Year of Birth: 1991
Place of Birth: Erlangen (GER)
Weight: 72kg
Height: 184cm
Athlete Lives: Saarbr├╝cken Germany
Website: http://www.schwetz.info
Current Ranking: 94 (328pts)

Growing up in his city of birth, Schwetz started swimming at the age of four. Without any pushing of his parents he continued swimming until he was at the top national level. After finishing school in 2010, he realized that his talent in swimming would probably never suffice to become an internationally competing athlete. That was why he quit swimming on a high performance level and enrolled himself to one of the world’s best universities, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. As a hobby besides studying physics, he started to do triathlon because this sport has always fascinated him. But in became clear soon that his talent for triathlon is many times greater than for swimming alone. Indeed after one year of training running and cycling, he already finished ninth at the German National Champs, a success he would have never gotten the chance to achieve in swimming. Thats when he decided to try doing triathlon on a high performance level, still besides studying. The combination of one of the most demanding studies and the sport of triathlon often leaves him with less than one hour per week for relaxing activities. In august 2015, when he will finish his studies, his plan is to move to Saarbruecken to the German training base and become a professional athlete.