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Bruno Pais

Bruno Pais


Year of Birth: 1981
Weight: 66 kg
Height: 179 cm
Athlete Lives: Fundão Array
Website: http://www.brunopais.net
Current Ranking: No Ranking

Started on cycling since a young kid. While living in Fundão he biked every where and soon made his first mountainbike races, perfoming well.
While living in Fundão Bruno met a veteran triathlete, Fernando Feijao, who inspired him to try duathlon first, and triathlon later that year. The results where quit encouraging and after a couple of years Bruno was living and trainning in the national trainning center of Jamor, Lisbon.

Iniciou-se na modalidade por curiosidade e através de um amigo, Fernando Feijão, que na altura vingava já nos escalões de Veteranos.