Bourseaux back on top in London

Bourseaux back on top in London

By Erin Greene on 31/05/14 at 9:04 am

Yannick Bourseaux (FRA) proved yet again why he’s the man to beat when he took down the finish tape first at the 2014 London ITU World Paratriathlon Event. Bourseaux boasts a nearly perfect record, having finished second just three times in his paratriathlon career over the last four years, one of which was here in London at the 2013 World Championships.

“My goal for this year is the World Championships,” Bourseaux said. “I hope I will be able to get the title, but I’m sure it will be very tough because of the German and Spanish guy. I have to train hard if I want to have the gold. ”

As the field deepens, Bourseaux has had to push harder to keep his top spot over up and comers like Jairo Ruiz Lopez (ESP) who led the race on Saturday until the final discipline.

“Before the start I was thinking I would be able to catch him during the bike, but apparently not, Bourseaux said. “My legs weren’t very good on the bike. I started as fast as I can, but I thought during the race I could not catch him but finally I did.

Faye Mcclelland (GBR), however, didn’t fair quite as well as her undefeated record in the PT4 category fell to two-time Paralympic swimmer Lauren Steadman (GBR).

“That was fairly solid,” Mcclelland said. “I just didn’t have enough on the bike. Lauren is cycling really well. I might have been closing in a little bit, but it just wasn’t enough.

“I tried my best. It’s gutting, but these things happen. She’s a tough cookie.”

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