Katrin Müller dominates for first Cross Triathlon title

by Erin Greene on 16 Aug, 2014 02:56 • Español

Germany’s own Katrin Müller capitalized on her recent European championship title to make big moves on a challenging bike course to win her first ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships in Zittau. Flora Duffy (BER) joined Müller on the podium for the first time with silver while reigning champion Helena Erbenova (CZE) settled for bronze.

Duffy kicked off the day by dousing the competition on the swim with her wake, propelling herself to a whopping 23 second lead over Olympic bronze medallist Erin Densham (AUS). Nobody came close to the pair, with Müller exiting the lake next a massive 1:35 down.

Sylvia Van Tromp joined Müller in the first transition, but the rest of the field was already at a disadvantage of more than 2:30. It looked as if the day would end before it really began for two-time champ Erbenova, as she exited the swim nearly six minutes behind Duffy. 

But a massive climb & treacherous bike changed the game, with Müller managing to move more than a minute ahead of the competition midway through the bike. Duffy worked diligently to maintain a top position, but Densham didn’t fare as well, falling more than five minutes back.

While Duffy did work alone on the bike, behind her the trio of Emma Garrard (USA), Jacqueline Slack (GBR) and Chantell Widney (CAN) toughed it out together more than three minutes down.

The tough ride didn’t slow Müller down, as the German scorched up the and down the mountain for a 2:39 lead over Duffy. With just a one-loop 9km run to go, the race was Müller’s to lose. Although Duffy made up slight ground, it wasn’t nearly enough to reel in the German, who won by 2:18. Duffy took silver, while Erbenova managed to run herself into bronze.

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16 Aug, 2014 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Men
1. Ruben Ruzafa ESP 02:34:33
2. Josiah Middaugh USA 02:35:28
3. Braden Currie NZL 02:37:10
4. Michael Weiss AUT 02:38:28
5. Leonardo Chacon CRC 02:39:00
6. Kris Coddens BEL 02:39:28
7. Francois Carloni FRA 02:39:57
8. Conrad Stoltz RSA 02:40:42
9. Brice Daubord FRA 02:42:30
10. Pavel Andreev RUS 02:42:48
Results: Elite Women
1. Kathrin Muller GER 02:58:35
2. Flora Duffy BER 03:00:53
3. Helena Erbenova CZE 03:02:32
4. Chantell Widney CAN 03:05:00
5. Emma Garrard USA 03:05:36
6. Jacqueline Slack GBR 03:05:46
7. Renata Bucher SUI 03:07:24
8. Suzanne Snyder USA 03:10:02
9. Brigitta Poór HUN 03:11:11
10. Maud Golsteyn NED 03:13:59
Results: U23 Men
1. Roger Serrano Delgado ESP 02:44:46
2. Tomas Kubek SVK 02:45:08
3. Malte Plappert GER 02:50:04
4. Andreas Theobald GER 02:50:27
5. Jarrich Van Woersem NED 02:51:23
6. Dominik Wychera AUT 02:54:17
7. Christopher Schwab AUT 02:56:17
8. Aidan Nugent RSA 02:57:28
9. István Király HUN 03:02:49
10. Alessio Buraccioni ITA 03:03:41
Results: U23 Women
1. Jip Veelenturf NED 03:24:39
2. Hanna Maksimava BLR 03:30:29
3. Silvia Valova SVK 03:58:45
4. Marlette Smit RSA 04:03:34
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