ITU President’s Greeting

ITU President’s Greeting

By ITU Admin on 29/04/06 at 12:00 am

The first competition which we will be rewarding very valuable points towards qualification for the Beijing Olympic Games.

The third Olympics for our still enfant terrible sport, after Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004.

The International Olympic Committee have been gracious to grant us another 10 athletes who will compete in China and the first act begins here in Madrid, Spain.  Never let us forget that without the advice and support of the IOC President from Spain, Juan Antonio Samaranch, we would never have achieved the Olympic Dream.

Another Spaniard who has been with us since the creation of ITU in Avignon, France 1989 at the first World Championships, Marisol Casado.  Besides being a passionate campaigner for Triathlon in the Olympic Games, she is the first woman triathlete in Spain.  Today she is the treasurer of ITU, the President of the European Triathlon Union and a member of the Spanish Olympic Committee, with full support from the Spanish Federation, President Jos Hidalgo.

We thank the president of the Spanish Olympic Committee, Alejandro Blanco, and the Secretary General, Vctor Snchez, for their generous support.

ITU has chosen the Madrid World Cup to make an important announcement concerning a new sponsor which will radically enhance our future and lift us all to a higher echelon.  Don Quixote and Sancho Panza would be proud of us.  To the athletes, find time to read the wonderful stories about the above named, if you havent already.  They did much more than just tilt at windmills!

For ITU, the athletes in our wonderful multi-sport triathlon, are much more important than anything else, they will be receiving a portion of our new found largesse, from our new found sponsor at the Madrid World Cup.

Speaking of our athletes, can we expect a Spaniard to win or to be on the podium in Madrid, June 4th?  How about Ainhoa Murua, or Ana Burgos among the woman or Ivan Rana or Javier Gomez among the men?  Ivan almost won the gold medal in 2003 but sprinted to the finish line too early and was run down by Hunter Kemper, the rising star from the USA.

Others?  Vanessa Fernandes from Portugal for one, other men who could surprise us?  El Cordobes could, he surprised all of Spain for many years and still lives in their collective memory!

To the athletes, spend time exploring Madrid, discover the famous art gallery, youll be entranced by the paintings of old.  Find time to thank Alberto-Ruiz Gallardn, the Mayor of Madrid, he has helped us enormously and was very unlucky not to win the Olympic Games for Madrid 2012.

Viva Espagne - Les McDonald

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