ITU’s Registered Testing Pool for second quarter

ITU’s Registered Testing Pool for second quarter

By Erin Greene on 28/03/13 at 2:17 pm

The current ITU Registered Testing Pool (RTP) for the second quarter of 2013 is from April 1, 2013 to June 30, 2013.  Athletes in the ITU RTP are reminded that updates to their whereabouts information are now due for the second quarter. For more information on the RTP and for a list of athletes included in the RTP, please see below.

Registered Testing Pool
In order to better reflect the doping control test distribution plan carefully elaborated and prepared by the ITU, article 5.5 of the ITU Anti-Doping Rules has been reworded to include the non exhaustive criteria applied by the ITU when considering Athletes for inclusion in the ITU Registered Testing Pool.

The International Level Registered Testing Pool may consist of the top ranked Athletes of the official ITU World Ranking List which is published on the ITU website and updated on a regular basis for each International Event, but may also include a variety of other triathletes as defined in article 5.5.1

All Athletes designated as included in the International Level Registered Testing Pool must submit whereabouts information to ITU Headquarters in accordance with ITU Anti-Doping Rules and the WADA International Standard for Testing, unless they are already submitting whereabouts to their National Anti-Doping Organization, who in accordance with article 5.6.4 will share this information confidentially with ITU as per a formal agreement concluded between them.

For the latest Registered Testing Pool, click here. The Registered Testing Pool is the same as the First Quarter of 2013.

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