Photo Competition: WTS Edmonton

Photo Competition: WTS Edmonton

By Erin Greene on 28/12/15 at 9:30 am

Edmonton was the last race in the season before the Grand Final in Chicago, so elites gathered in the Canadian city in the hopes of adding as many WTS points as they could to their resumes. While Edmonton played host as the Grand Final location in 2014, this year the elites were in for a different kind of treat. Cold weather conditions brought a new level of competition to the field, but all contending athletes performed phenomenally.

Earning his second ever WTS victory, Richard Murray of South Africa staged his perfect race to ultimately be honoured with a gold after he was able to outrun the chill.

In the women’s race, Great Britain’s Vicky Holland also dominated the conditions to claim her second WTS victory of the season. Joining Holland on the podium was Flora Duffy (BER) who took home the silver and then Gillian Backhouse earned the bronze and her first WTS podium racing as an elite.

Just looking at these pictures makes us want to reach for a blanket, but which one is your favourite?










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