ITU Points List | Lauren Groves

Pos Change First Name Last Name Country Points Events P1 Events P2 Current Period Prev Period
420. - Lauren Groves CAN
52.76 0 2 0.00 52.76

Scoring Breakdown

Date Event Position Time Period Points
18/05/2013 2013 Larache ITU Sprint Triathlon African Cup 4 01:08:07 2 52.76
06/04/2013 2013 Quarteira ITU Triathlon European Cup DNF 00:00:00 2 0

ITU Points List Legend

  • Points in blue represent scores from ITU Triathlon Continental Cup or ITU Triathlon Premium Continental Cup events. Note, a maximum of 3 of these events may count per period.
  • Number of events in red indicate that the limit of the total number of events to count has been reached