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Tom Carrasco

Asian Regional Representative

Tom Carrasco is the founding and current President of the Triathlon Association of the Philippines (TRAP). As a sports organizer, Carrasco has also proven his mettle, having organized some of the biggest triathlon events in Asia, particularly the annual Asian Triathlon Championship in Subic for the past several years.

His able handling of the ATC event in Subic earned for him high marks and accolades, as the event was consistently participated by Asia’s biggest names in triathlon, and had become their stepping stone en route to the world’s biggest stage, the Olympics.

Carrasco’s success in the local front also paved the way for his recognition as a competent leader internationally, he was voted as member of the ITU Executive Board Member as its Asian Continental Representative (2000-08, 2013—present) , ITU treasurer (2008-2012), ATSC Senior Vice President (2003-present) and ASTC Executive Board Member from 1998 to present.

Carrasco’s able management of TRAP is a reflection of his expert management as a business executive. As a businessman, Carrasco is the President/Business Owner of the Asian Center for Insulation Philippines,Inc. (2003-present) and Financial Controller, Vice President and General Manager of the GM-Asian Center for Insulation,Inc. (1997-2003).

As president of an Olympic sport, and a good standing member of the Philippines Olympic Committee family, Carrasco, was appointed chief de mission in the 2001 Busan Asian Games, and elected as POC Chairman in 2013 up to 2016.