Course Information

The pre-course requirement for this course are:
1. Two (2) years as NTO
2.  Minimum four (4) ITU Events within 4 previous years,

Date and Time:
This course will open at 8:30 AM and end at 7:00 PM   10th – 11th August, 2013.

Course objectives: 
The objectives of course is to provide participants with the theoretical and practical training required to make them capable of officiating Continental Cups, Multisport Continental Championships, and Multisport Series Events as Technical Delegates.

• 2 years of officiating experience
• ITU Level 1 TO certification
• The candidates list was distributed to ASTC Member NFs

Course Outline:
• ITU Competition Rules
• ITU Events Organizers Manual
• Case studies

Candidates will be evaluated on class attendance and pass the exam

All applicants for the course must complete the attached application form and return it via National Federation

Entry Deadline :
July 25th, 2013.

Course Language: English