2021 Korea Triathlon Federation - World Triathlon Coaches Level 2 E-Course

07 Sep - 19 Oct, 2021 • World Triathlon
Application Deadline: 02 Aug 2021

Course Language: English

About the Korea Triathlon Federation - World Triathlon Coaching Education Programme
The World Triathlon Development and the Korean Triathlon Federation (KTF) are pleased to announce that we are now inviting applications for the fourth edition of the Korea Triathlon Federation - World Triathlon Coaching Education Programme to be delivered fully virtually from August to November 2021. The application is open for ODA Recipient Countries as it is defined by the United Nations (UN) and listed in the attached document. The programme has been supported and fully financed by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) of Korea, the Korean Sport & Olympic Committee (KSOC), the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation (KSPF) and the Korea Triathlon Federation (KTF).

The aim of the project is to provide opportunities for developing nations to access coaching education in triathlon and get qualified by World Triathlon as triathlon coaches at two levels: World Triathlon Level 1 Coach and World Triathlon Level 2 Coach. There are about hundred National Federations across five continents eligible to benefit from the programme led by accredited World Triathlon Coach Facilitators.

Between 2017-2019 194 coaches from 60 National Federations from all five continents were awarded with World Triathlon Coach Certifications after their successful assessments.

Application process
The applications have to be submitted to World Triathlon Development by the National Federations and all candidates must meet the requirements as defined in the Level 2 Triathlon Coach - Curriculum Document.

The programme gives World Triathlon Level 2 Coach qualification to the candidates who are successfully completing the online course.

To apply, the respective National Federation will need to submit an online application form using this link.

Application criteria
• Eligible Continents: Africa, Asia, Americas, Europe (in this priority order).
• Eligible National Federations: ODA recipient countries only.
• All eligible National Federations can select a maximum of two (2) female and two (2) male candidates. Only eligible L1 Coaches can be nominated with indication of their priority order in the application form.
• Eligible coaches: the individuals included in the list of World Triathlon Level 2 Eligible Coaches (see on http://www.triathlon.org) AND have completed their revalidation duties. The eligible lists are on the following links (please note that these lists don’t include revalidation data):
- Africa Triathlon - List of World Triathlon Level 2 Eligible Coaches 2021
- Asia Triathlon - List of World Triathlon Level 2 Eligible Coaches 2021
- Americas Triathlon - List of World Triathlon Level 2 Eligible Coaches 2021
- Europe Triathlon - List of World Triathlon Level 2 Eligible Coaches 2021
(Unfortunately we don’t have coaches in Oceania who meet both of these criteria.)
• Maximum number of enrolled candidates: 30 (2 cohorts)
Please note the World Triathlon Development does not accept any individual application. All nominations must go through the member National Federations.

Course delivery
The course language is English, although World Triathlon Coach Facilitators can support the participants in various languages (English, Spanish, French). The courses are running on the World Triathlon Education Hub (https://education.triathlon.org) that requires internet/computer or mobile device access from the participants to complete the course.

• COURSE START DAY (User upload to the World Triathlon Education HUB): 10 August
• Pre-course period: 10 August - 7 September (4 weeks)
• Course duration: 7 September - 19 October (6 weeks)
• Post-course period: 19 October - 16 November (4 weeks)
• Post-course task submission DEADLINE: 16 November

Generic Information
About the World Triathlon Coaches Level 2 Education
The Level 2 course is the second coaching qualification award offered by World Triathlon and is aimed at people with some experience of coaching (formally or informally) and of triathlon – building on existing coaching experience in Level 1. This allows coaches to enhance their capabilities by giving them sufficient breadth of knowledge, which provides a scaffold to develop their future coaching knowledge and experience. The whole process is supported by an appropriate online reference resource to guide this development.
At Level 2 the focus is on:
• Developing and delivering more advanced triathlon coaching practices, including individualised support.
• Effective planning, delivery and evaluation of a series of triathlon coaching sessions or a programme for a group or an individual.
• Understanding the processes and principles of coaching triathlon activities to groups of children and/or adults through the application of training science. 
• This certificate focuses on producing a competent club coach who can promote the benefits of participating in triathlon, and appropriate skill acquisition through quality coaching of participants from grass roots level upwards.

Role description
World Triathlon Level 2 coaches will have a broad knowledge and can independently plan, deliver, review more complex and specific sessions. They may work with any participation group, Paratriathlon, children through to adults, participation through to performance. Coaches at this level may work independently or within a team structure or under supervision depending upon their own role and the context within which they coach.

Gender Equity
At least 20 % of the participants shall be female, according to World Triathlon equal opportunities objectives. If fewer females apply, the total number of participants will be reduced to maintain the minimum ratio. 

Target Audience
The Level 2 course is targeted at NFs and specifically individual coaches with the potential to benefit the growth of triathlon within their region. The World Triathlon’s intention is to provide development opportunities to those who are unable to access appropriate coach development opportunities elsewhere at the current time.  Priority will be given to individuals who display the following attributes:
• Desire and aptitude for coaching, with a passion for helping and supporting others, potentially across a range of contexts e.g. Local Clubs, Age-Group, Child Development, Schools, Performance (Youth, U23, Elite);
• Willingness and open-mindedness to learn new skills;
• Ability to participate in the course fully and complete all required assessments;
• Commitment to fulfilling the roles and responsibilities expected of a World Triathlon Level 2 Triathlon Coach;
• Potential to make a positive impact on Triathlon Coaching and Development in their region;
• Agree to abide by the World Triathlon coaches Code of Ethics.

Entry Requirements
Coaches should be able to demonstrate the following in their application:
• Active Triathlon Coach, already be an active coach for minimum of three years, with experience of coaching Triathletes;
• Completion of World Triathlon Level 1 course, with positive recommendation from Level 1 course facilitators;
• The Level 1 World Triathlon course should have been completed at two years prior to starting the level 2 course;
• Recommendation by local NF and commitment to develop coaching skills;
• Be at least 18 years of age at the start of the course programme;
• Demonstrate a high level of spoken and written skills in the language the course will be delivered in;
• It is strongly recommended that candidates have appropriate insurance cover before undertaking any independent coaching practice;
• Completion of application form and willingness to take part in interview (Skype call).

Once accepted onto the course, learners will:
• be issued with a World Triathlon Education Hub password and username;
• complete pre-course induction material, which explains requirements to complete the course; • sent a welcome message from Facilitators, introducing themselves and encouraging engagement with the course;
• be required to complete online pre-course tasks and assignments within two weeks of being entered onto the education hub system.  Failure to do this, may result in the participant being removed from the course.

For more information on World Triathlon Coaches Education please visit the following pages
Coach Education Objectives, Strategy, Pathway https://www.triathlon.org/development/coach/coach_education_objectives_strategy_pathway

Coach Development Pathway - Overview of Courses

Level 2 Triathlon Coach - Curriculum Document & Schedule

Certification Revalidation of Coaches Scheme (CRoC)

Coach Education Documents

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