Development Regional Cup

Updated: 21 Feb, 2023 08:54 pm


In 2017, the World Triathlon Executive Board approved a new event category called Development Event to support developing nations’ (NF Group 2-3B-3A) racing experience in their continent/region and create a competitive environment among their athletes to help inspire their future careers. The Development Event has been part of the World Triathlon Events Calendar since 2019.

The Development Event should support all aspects (athlete performance, coaching, event organizing and technical officials) of development and serve the needs of the National Federations, their athletes and the region.

As part of the November 2021 World Triathlon Competition Rules review after the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, World Triathlon further developed the concept of the Development Event, considering the needs of the National Federations, encouraging athletes’ participation and supporting their long-term careers. World Triathlon increased the winners’ ranking points from 70 to 125 in the World Triathlon Ranking and renamed the event to World Triathlon Development Regional Cup to sit better within the current competition and events structure.

Development Regional Cup Diagram

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