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Mailing Address: COMISION EJECUTIVA 20no.TRIATHLON INTERNACIONAL DE LA PAZ Oficina Municipal de Turismo Vieytes y España (3190) LA PAZ ( Entre Ríos - Argentina )

Event Information

Entry Fee: Age Group $55 US

Prize Money: $ 7500 US

The International Triathlon of La Paz completes in 2005 its TWENTY ONE years of
life. It was born in 1985 with the name of Triathlon Anniversary Weekly publication
El Paceño and it was growing slowly until transforming - for already one
half a decade - in the SPORT TOURISTIC PARTY most IMPORTANT of LA PAZ as well
as one sport more excellent event of the country.

The characteristics of this sport race are the following ones: the TRIATHLON   is a relatively new sport inside the world sport spectrum (it has only 26 years,   since it was born in Hawaii in 1978) and much more still in our country (it   entered in 1984). However in the Olympic Games of Sydney 2000 the triathlon   made it stellar presentation like splendid Olympic Sport.”

This discipline is an individual test in which the athlete should carry out   three diferents activities: SWIMMING - CYCLING - RUNNING, being the traditional   distances 1.500 Mts. of Swimming, 40 Kms. of Cycling and 10 Kms. of Running.

LA PAZ INTERNATIONAL TRIATHLON is actually considerer like BIGGER AND IMPORTANT   TRIATHLON OF THE COUNTRY”, basing this title on its excellent organization   and prizes, ace well ace for the heat and color the event has. -

Maybe the most excellent and prominent aspect of the LA PAZ INTERNATIONAL TRIATHLON   is the character of true POPULAR PARTY that has, since the day of la competition   more of 10.000 people they are given appointment in the Port of LA PAZ, historical   point of the event, while the rest of the population, more than 25.000 people   full the streets and besides the route for where the competitors to supply them   of water, to encourage them, to applaud them. -

During the days that precede to the event the city it changes their rhythm   completely, invaded by the triathletes that are identified by their particular   gears as well as few hundred of visitors that arrive from those but far away   points of the country to observe the maximum event of the year in Triathlon   Sport.

The traditional dinner in the vigil of the denominated competition Carbo Meals   or Pasta Party; the colorful competition of kids triathlon in which it will   participate more of 180 small of both sexes of the whole country of between   6 and 13 years, the later parade for the streets of the city; the long triathletes   lines training in the routes or in the streets of the city during the day; the   crazy noises of the “scolas do samba” in the Port the day of the race;   the Ceremony de Delivery of Prizes in front of the costs of the imposing river   Paraná; the fireworks marks the end of the race; and the Beach Party   of the following day is some of the moments that surround to this great athletic   competition.