2006 Ishigaki ITU Triathlon World Cup

16 Apr, 2006 • Ishigaki, Japan • Event Website
Start Lists

ITU Room : Hotel Miyahira
Swim Training : Central Athletic Park
Mechanic Service : Hotel Hyper
Media Room : Ohama Memorial hall
Registration/Uniform Check/Race Briefing : Hotel MIYAHIRA
Welcome Party : Hotel Nikko
Award Banquet : Maesato Park

Start mechanism:  Pontoon Start
Race conditions:  2 laps, Ocean, Inner harbor
Water temperature:  Wetsuits Unlikely
Cycle course:  6 laps, Technical corners, One large bridge,
Run Course:  3 laps,

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Athletes Briefing:

16:00~16:30 Registration/UniformCheck
16:30~17:30 Race Briefing

Entry Fee:


Prize Money:


Media notes:

Name of Media Contact: Masao Nakayama, JTU Secretary General
Email : jtuoffice@jtu.or.jp
Address for Media Credentials request:  King Bldg, 2-9-10, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0002, JAPAN
Location of Media Centre and hours of operation: Ohama Memorial Hall / Near transition area
Open 9:00-17:00(Sat / Sun )

Event Schedule

as of 29th March

15:00~20:00 ITU Room Open
09:00~20:00 ITU Room Open
09:00~20:00 ITU Room Open
09:00~12:00 Swim Training
09:00~17:00 Mechanic Service
13:00~17:00 Media Registration
16:00~16:30 Registration/UniformCheck
16:30~17:30 Race Briefing
18:00~19:30 Welcome Party
09:00~20:00 ITU Room Open
09:00~12:00 Swim Training
09:00~17:00 Mechanic Service
09:00~17:00 Media Registration
15:00~15:45 Swim Official Training
16:00~17:00 Media Conference/Briefing
09:00~20:00 ITU Room Open
09:00~13:00 Media Registration
11:00~16:00 Mechanic Service
11:30~12:30 Body Marking(Women)
12:50~12:55 Start Ceremony
13:00~15:15 Competition(Women)
14:15~15:15 Body Marking(Men)
15:45~17:45 Competition(Men)
17:45~18:00 Medal Ceremony
18:00~18:30 Media Conference
19:00~21:00 Award Banquet
09:00~12:00 ITU Room Open

Closest Airport

Ishigaki Airport(ISG)

Local Transportation

Available between Ishigaki Airport and the center of Ishigaki City(15min). Your flight detail required.

Host Hotel

Official Travel Agent; Hiroyuki Ohura, Branch chief Okinawa Tourist Co.,Ltd.
E-mail: ishigaki@otsinfo.co.jp (copy to jtuoffice@jtu.or.jp)
Tel:  +81-(0) 980-83-0097 / Fax: +81-(0) 980-83-2676

Welcome Athletes!

We are pleased to be able to offer the top 10 ranking athletes of the Mooloolaba World Cup home stay accommodation.  If you wish to participate in the home stay program, please inform us by April 2nd.

Contact Information:  Mr Masao Nakayama
                      JTU Secretary General


Available but very few. First-come first-served basis

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