2008 Brno ITU Triathlon European Cup

18 May, 2008 • Brno, Czech Republic • Event Website
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Athletes Briefing:

Saturday, May 17th, 19:30
Hotel Santon

Prize Money:

15 000 EUR

Media notes:

Oldrich Tegze
email: info@galantbrno.cz

Přístavní 38
Jižní Morava, 635 00 Brno –Bystrc
Tel.: +420 546 124 444, Fax: +420 546 222 361
Daily 07.00 / 22.00

Friday, May 16th, 11.00

Best Western Premier
Hotel International Brno ****
Husova 16
659 21 Brno, Česká republika
Tel.: +420 542 122 111
Fax: +420 542 210 843
E-mail: sales@hotelinternational.cz

Event Schedule

Friday, May 16th
11:00 Press Conference Hotel International Brno

Saturday May 17th
19:30 Briefing - Hotel Santon

Sunday, May 18th
11:00 Women´s start
15:00 Men´s start
17:00 Awards ceremony
17:30 After race press conference
20:00 Carbo meal and VIP party for everybody

Closest Airport

Brno, Vienna, Prague, Bratislava

Air transport. Situated at a distance of 7.5 km from the city-centre, the international airport of the 1st ICAO Category (runway 2 650 m long and 60 m wide) can function even in adverse weather conditions. Thanks to its very good meteorological conditions, the Brno airport is the first stand-by airport for Prague.
The international airports in Prague and Vienna, destinations of most of the world airline companies, are at a 2-hour drive by car from Brno (Prague: 200 km, about 2 hours by car; Vienna: 130 km, about 100 minutes by car. The Bratislava Airport (first stand-by airport for Vienna) is at a 120-km distance from Brno (about 90 minutes by car).
A new modern terminal was built at Brno in 2006.
Railway transport. Situated on the international railway track Balcans-Budapest-Brno-Prague-Berlin-Scandinavia, Brno is an important central-European railway station. Since 1991, the EuroCity trains between Prague and Vienna have been stopping at Brno. The city of Brno has been integrated in the European High-Speed Rail Network Project. The daily average number of passengers at Brno’s central station is about 70 000. The total of goods transited per year via Brno’s railway station is approximately 3 million tons.

Local Transportation

Brno is a city at the heart of Europe. Consequently, the transport accessibility of the city from all over Europe poses no problem.

Road transport. Brno is situated at the crossroads of the D1 (Prague-Brno) and D2 (Brno - Bratislava) highways. Both of these highways form a part of the trans-European West East Highway (France-Ukraine:E50) and the North-South Highways (Scandinavia - Balcans: E55 and E65).

City public transport was launched in Brno on August 17th,  1869 when the first horse-drawn tram line on our territory came into operation. After Vienna and Budapest, it was the third line in the then Austro-Hungarian Empire. In 1884, the joint-stock company Brnner Damf Tramway (Brnos Steam Tram) was founded to start, on May 24th, 1884, a steam-powered tram line.
In 1900, the Austrian company sterreichische Union Elektrizitts Gesellschaft began to develop and operate a street transport system with an electrical drive. In 1930, the Brno Electrical Street Tramway Company introduced bus transport to supplement the operating tramway system. By the end of 1938, as many as 11 bus lines were in operation. In July 1949, the operation of the newly constructed trolley-bus lines was successfully started.
Today, the city public transport works in Brno at a standard European level. The transport system is assured by trams, trolley buses and buses. The fare is 13 CZK (about 0.5 EUR) for 40 minutes. Official guests will benefit from free city transport services.

Host Hotel

(3 star hotel, situated 100 m from start and finish of the race)
Přístavní 38
Jižní Morava, 635 00 Brno –Bystrc
Tel.: +420 546 124 444, Fax: +420 546 222 361
E-mail: santon@santon.cz

(4 star hotel, situated 1,500 m from start and finish of the race)
Rozdrojovice 177, 664 34 Brno-venkov,
Česká republika
tel.: +420 546 419 000
tel./fax: +420 546 419 099
e-mail: hotel@hotel-atlantis.cz, http://www.hotel-atlantis.cz

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