Contact Information

Phone: +81-3-5469-5401 @JTU office, +81-90-1691-1296 @Mobile p

Fax: +81-3-5469-5403@JTU office

Mailing Address: King Bldg, 2-9-10, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0002, JAPAN

Event Information

Entry Fee: Free

Start mechanism:  Pontoon Start
Race conditions:  2 laps, Ocean, Inner harbor
Water temperature:  Wetsuits Unlikely
Cycle course:  7 laps, Technical corners, One large bridge,
Run Course:  3 laps,

The course layout and locations will be the same as last year. 2 laps
Swim, 7 laps Bike and 3 laps Run. The run turnaorund is to be set at the end
of the descent on the south side of the Southern Gate Bridge. Instead, the
bike turn will be 300 m away from the run turn.

Run course turnaround is the same for all three laps.

Wheel stops will be located at two places. One is in front of the head
quarters at the transition area. The other is at the “730” intersection.

Four (4) aid stations per lap planned on the run course.

Race day tide level:  It will be high tide and almost completely flat
during the women’s race. For the men’s race, the tide will be gradually
going out.  It is likely to swim with the current from the start and swim
against after the turnaround. Though the tidal current will be slow, 10cm
per 30 minutes, unexpected current may take place on the entire course.

Tide level on 11th (Fri) and 12th (Sat) will see no big change. Important
notice is that athletes will be allowed to swim at the official swim
training times only. This is due to fishing boats on their jobs.

You may be encouraged to observe the the current conditions on the top of
the Southern gate bridge.