Contact Information

Email: Saim KANLI

Phone: +905324226969; +905053302370

Fax: +902425225935; +902425194361

Mailing Address: Saim KANLI Gullerpinari mah. Kiymali str. No:8/A ALANYA/ANTALYA 07400 TURKEY

Event Information

Entry Fee: 50 EUR

All the start times will be moved one hour before. For the details see the “schedule” section.

Distances: Swim: 0,75 km;
Bike:20 km; Run: 5 km

Start Mechanism:
Beach mass start

Swim course:
Water temperature: 23
Number of laps: 1

Bike Course:
Number of laps: 3
No hills, block pave course

Run Course:
Number of laps: 2
Small hills, block pave course