2012 Holten ITU Triathlon Premium European Cup

Contact Information

Email: Martin Pieters

Phone: +31 548 366911 or +31 6 13040908

Fax: +31 548 366912

Mailing Address: Stichting Triathlon Holten, Street: P.O. Box 126, Town: Holten, Zipcode: 7450 AC, Country: The Netherlands

Event Information

Entry Fee: 65 €

Prize Money: 25 000 €

International Triathlon Holten 2012

Holten and the triathlon sport are inextricably connected to each other. Already the 28th edition of the Triathlon Holen will take place in the summer of 2012.

In 2009 the Holten Triathlon organization hosted the European Championships and in 2010 the first World Cup on Dutch ground took place in Holten.

A combination of fanatical and enthusiastic top athletes, recreational athletes and numerous spectators will provide a unique atmosphere: this makes this event so special. The preparations for 2011 are already in full swing. It promises to be a grandiose sports festival with international participants and hundreds of recreational athletes.

Swim Course
1.5 km
2 laps
Water temperature: 17
Calm water, land lap, artificial lake.
Elites slice through the water on a 2 lap course in the artificial lake of ‘de Domelaar’.

Bike Course
40 km
Accelerate along a well-marked 40 km bike route along highway and residential roads. The course will take you to the centre of Holten, followed by 5 laps on a hilly course through a national park and the centre of Holten. Completely free of traffic. Initial distance 9k,  5 laps of 6,2k

Run Course
10 km
4 laps
This 2,5 km circuit is a combination of asphalt-paving and brick-paved road. Elites run 4 laps through the centre of Holten. The course loops through crowds four times, keeping you pumped for the big finish. Completely free of traffic.

Prize money distribution. Elite men and women:
1st. 3,125EUR
2nd. 2,500 EUR
3rd. 1,875 EUR
4th. 1,250 EUR
5th. 1,000 EUR
6th. 875 EUR
7th. 750 EUR
8th. 500 EUR
9th. 375 EUR
10th. 250 EUR