Contact Information

Email: Katriina Toorikka

Phone: +358405640422

Mailing Address: Street:Putkistontie 7, Town:Nokia, Zipcode:37120, Country:Finland

Event Information

Prize Money: 8 000 USD

Entry fees:
Age Group 60 EUR
Elite 75 EUR
Deadline to have the registration fees paid: 10th March 2012

Elite (female/male), U23 (female/male) and Age Groups 20-75 (female/male):
Run 6km (2 laps)
Mountain Bike 11,7km (3 laps)
Cross Country Ski 8,25 km (3 laps)

Run 3km (1 lap)
Mountain Bike 4-8 km (1-2 laps)
Cross Country Ski 3-5,5 km (1-2lap), to be confirmed by TD

RUN Course
6 km
2 laps
non-asfalt road, out-and-back course, 1 lap is 3km, doesn’t include major climbs

MTB Course
11.7 km
3 laps
1 lap is appr. 3,9km. Surface will be snowy and with one major, steep climb and one technical downhill

CC Ski Course
8.25 km
3 laps
1 lap is 2,75km, track has one smaller and one bigger uphill and downhill

Course map enclosed

Prize money distribution. Elite men and women:
1st 1,050 USD
2nd 875 USD
3rd 700 USD
4th 525 USD
5th 350 USD

Mixed Team Relays:

1st. 500 USD
2nd. 300 USD
3rd. 200 USD