Contact Information

Email: Luciano Cicchitti

Phone: 155567637

Mailing Address: Asociación Mendocina de Triatlón, Street: La Pampa 2846, Town: EL Challao-Las Heras-Mendoza, Zipcode: 5539, Country: ARGENTINA

Event Information

Entry Fee: 150 USD

Prize Money: 5 000 USD

1.5 km
Start mechanism: pontoon
Water temperature: 21º C
Number of laps: 2 laps
Course map:

40 km
Number of laps: 8 laps
Very fast, very flat
Brand new road (smooth pavement)
Course map:

10 km
Number of laps: 4 laps
Very fast, very flat
Course map:

Prize money distribution. Elite men and women:
1st. 750 USD
2nd. 625 USD
3rd. 500 USD
4th. 375 USD
5th. 250 USD