2013 Tartu ETU Winter Triathlon European Championships

Contact Information

Email: Ain-Alar Juhanson

Phone: +372 53 338272

Mailing Address: Ain-Alar Juhanson, Lai 11/13, Tartu, 51005 Estonia

Event Information

Prize Money: 4 000 EUR

Elite/U23/Junior athletes: 50,-
Age group athletes : 10,- (until 31.12.12)/ 15,-  (01.01.13 – 20.01.13)
Mixed Team Relay : 100,-


European Championships Distance for Elite/ U23 : Run 7,2km; MTB 14,4km; CC Ski 10,8 km;
Run Course: 2 laps – 3,6km each lap
MTB Course 3 laps – 4,8km each lap
Ski Course: 4 laps – 2,7km each lap

European Championships Distance for Mixed Relays: Run: 3,6km, Bike: 4,8km, Ski: 2,7km (Each member)

European Championships Distance for Juniors/ Age groups and Para: Run 3,6km; MTB 9,6km; CC Ski 5,4 km;
Run Course: 1 lap – 3,6km lap
MTB Course 2 laps – 4,8km each lap
Ski Course: 2 laps – 2,7km each lap

Run course 30% asphalt road, otherwise snowy pedestrian roads, circle course, 1 lap is 3,6km, doesn’t include major climbs.

MTB course 1 lap is appr. 4,8km. Surface will be snowy and with few smal, steep climbs and two technical downhills. One climb athletes must carry their bikes.

Ski course 1 lap is 2,7km, track has few smaller and one bigger uphill and downhill

More information on document enclosed: http://www.triathlon.org/uploads/events/2013ETU_Tartu_wintertriathlon-1.pdf

Prize money distribution. Elite men and women:
1st. 450 EUR
2nd. 375 EUR
3rd. 300 EUR
4th. 225 EUR
5th. 150 EUR

Mixed Team Relays:
1st. 500 EUR
2nd. 300 EUR
3rd. 200 EUR