2013 Vichy ETU Challenge Long Distance Triathlon European Championships

Contact Information

Email: Mr MAINARD Gael

Phone: +336 11 71 18 49

Fax: +334 73 33 64 35

Mailing Address: Challenge Vichy , Mainard Gael, Street:164 Avenue de la Libération, Zipcode: 63000, Country: France

Event Information

Prize Money: 50 000 EUR

Challenge Vichy: ETU European Long Distance Champs
16th October 2012 to 2 April 2013 Price : 320€
3rd of April 2013 to 1rst July 2013 Price : 350€
2nd of july 2013 to 17 August 2013 Price : 370€

Vichy Half Triathlon: Limited to 600 triathletes
16th October 2012 to 2nd April 2013 Price: 170€
2nd of july 2013 to 17th August 2013 Price : 190€

Five key reasons why athletes should do your race:
1) Ideally timed on September 1rst, it allows athletes time to prepare for a full distance and enjoy the beautiful French summer days

2) Vichy is in central France, 3 hours from Paris, 2h30 from Lyon, Montpellier 4 hours, 3 hours from Bordeaux.
Come to visit our beautiful country.
3) It is an “easy” full distance, bike course and run course are flat. Ideal for beginners and for athletes who want to go for a PB.

4) Everything is located at one point, the Centre Omnisports Pierre Coulon - registration, the expo, the transition area, the pasta party, the awards ceremony, the swim start, the finish line, the food court ... Ideal for the spectators.

5) Most of the hotels in Vichy are located within a 3km radius of the main race site

Overall description of destination: Auvergne region is famous for its beautiful volcanoes and water sources. Vichy welcomes visitors to its heritage treasures, a harmonious blend of natural countryside and fine buildings. Usually known for its waters, Vichy has beautiful parks, ideal for walking or cycling on the banks of Allier river. This city of 70.000 inhabitants offers many french food restaurants and beautiful shops that give it a very dynamic side.

Finish Line : A U-shaped stadium finish with 3 platforms that can accommodate over 800 people seated + 1500 standing will be build and with up-to-the-minute commentary . At each of their running laps, triathletes will pass the stadium finish. There, spectators and families can go and see their athlete and not miss the many emotional moments of the competitors passing the finish line and led by two rampaging speackers (Hervé and Eric Demougeot AMATTEIS) and 1 DJ (DJ Matt)


Deep water
Water temperature: 22°c
Number of laps: 2
The 3.8 km swim in the lac d’Allier will be a spectacular swim, with spectators near you at all times. You will swim 2 laps of 1,9kms.

Number of laps: 2
Headed out on the 2-loop bike course in and around Vichy; you will experience a flat course with some little hills on 2 departments Allier and Puy-de-Dôme and a wonderful view on the Auvergne volcanoes, it will be a fast race.
Link : http://www.openrunner.com/index.php?id=940622

Number of laps: 4
Heading out on the 4-loop marathon course on the Lac d’Allier and the beautiful parks of Vichy, you will experience a flat and fast course. We promise you a wonderful run.
Link : http://www.openrunner.com/index.php?id=1610366

Due to an inappropriate surface of some segments of the run course and the impossibility to find alternative solutions, ITU announces with regrets that there will be no TRI1 category in the 2013 Vichy ETU Challenge Long Distance Triathlon European Championships.
TR1 Paratriathletes are invited to compete at the 2013 Barcelona ETU Challenge Middle Distance Triathlon European Championships.
We apologize for this unfortunate circumstance. Be assured that the development of paratriathlon remains a high priority for the ITU and we will do our best for this not to happen again in the future.”

Registration and race bag pick up will take place at:
Parc Omnisports Pierre-Coulon
Pont de l’Europe - BP 2617
03 206 Vichy Cedex
Opening hours for registration:
Thursday, August 29, 10.00 to 19.00
Friday, August 30, 10.00 to 19.00
Saturday, August 31. 10.00 to 14.00

Prize money distribution. Elite men and women:
1st. 8,000 EUR
2nd. 5,000 EUR
3rd. 3,500 EUR
4th. 2,500 EUR
5th. 2,000 EUR
6th. 1,500 EUR
7th. 1,000 EUR
8th. 700 EUR
9th. 500 EUR
10th. 300 EUR