2014 Predni Vyton ETU TNatura Cross Triathlon European Cup

Contact Information

Email: Petr Cvrcek

Phone: +420731102862

Event Information

Entry Fee: Ind: 50€

Prize Money: 5 000€

Predni Vyton is a small village on the bank of lake Lipno.
It is just 40 minutes from UNESCO historical site Cesky Krumlov, one of the nicest cities in central Europe and just 3,5 hours from Munich. It is a real heart of Europe.
Quiet town in Sumava mountains is a perfect place for cross triathlon race. There is a nice lake but also some steep hills with hundreds of singletracks and roads.
In this small village you can find lot of pensions and small hotels, it is just perfect place for the race!

TNatura Czech will be a true cross triathlon, with difficult but safe race course.
We will try to show you the best of Sumava nature and also give you an opportunity to have fun!
Start of the race, transition area (just one for both transitions) and the finish area will be on the beach in Predni Vyton. Also race office and the race center will be here!

1,2 km
Water temperature: 17 – 25 C
Number of laps: 2
Start will be from the beach in the selected and marked area. There is just one start wave. Same for age groupers, professionals and relays! There will be two swim laps, each 600 metres. You will swim around buoy on your left hand. After one lap there will be australian run off the water around marked area. After second lap you will run to the transition area. Relays will give their chips to their bikers in the end of the transition area in the marked area!

30 km
Number of laps:2
After a climb from the village you will go around a farm in Predni Vyton and here starts the off-road part of course. Singletracks, sand roads, fords, climbs, downhills…everything! This course is very versatile and will be funny for everybody. After first lap you will go around the race center and turn to the second lap. After two laps you can go to the transition area.

9 km
First part after transition is on the tarmac, but after 800m you turn right, you go accross the main street up the hill. After running around the village in steep woods you come to the race center and you schould do it once more. After two laps you finish the race under the finish gate

Map: http://www.triathlon.org/uploads/events/race_map_PREDNI.jpg

Prize money distribution. Elite men and women:
1st. 750 EUR
2nd. 625 EUR
3rd. 500 EUR
4th. 375 EUR
5th. 250 EUR