2015 Adelaide ITU Duathlon World Championships

Contact Information

Email: Jenny Mann

Event Information

Prize Money: 90,000 USD

Schedule; http://www.triathlon.org.au/Events/2015_ITU_Duathlon_World_Championships__Adelaide/schedule.htm Course information; http://www.triathlon.org.au/Events/2015_ITU_Duathlon_World_Championships__Adelaide/ituwcraces/racesite.htm Entry fees; http://www.triathlon.org.au/Events/2015_ITU_Duathlon_World_Championships__Adelaide/ituwcraces/races.ht Prize money distribution. A total of USD$90K will be paid through ITU bank transfer for the Elites/U23s and mixed team relay. Prize money will be distributed as follows: Elite men and women: 1st. 8,750 USD 2nd. 7,000 USD 3rd. 5,250 USD 4th. 3,500 USD 5th. 2,450 USD 6th. 2,100 USD 7th. 1,750 USD 8th. 1,050 USD 9th. 790 USD 10th. 610 USD 11th. 525 USD 12th. 440 USD 13th. 350 USD 14th. 260 USD 15th. 175 USD Elite Mixed Relay: 1st. 6,000 USD 2nd. 5,000 USD 3rd. 4,000 USD 4th. 3,000 USD 5th. 2,000 USD