# First Name Last Name NOC
6863 Maria Victoria Mari Llano ESP
6864 Leyre Rodriguez Andres ESP
6865 Rebecca Drinkwater GBR
6866 Alyse Graham GBR
6867 Louise Gretton GBR
6868 Claire Howard GBR
6869 Faith Jackson Lee GBR
6870 Jen Lande GBR
6871 Amy Pritchard GBR
6872 Danielle Rogers GBR
6873 Kate Sandford GBR
6874 Kathryn Wright GBR
6875 Kirsten Wright GBR
Program notes:

Technical Delegate: Vicente Sánchez/ESP. Head Referee: Dirk Bogaert/BEL.
Competition Jury: Vicente Sánchez/ESP, Renato Bertrandi/ITA, Alicia García/ESP
Distances: Swim 1900m (1 lap), Bike 45.3km (Connection plus 1 lap of 41.2km plus connection), Run 21.2km (4 laps).
Water temperature: 21.2 ºC Air temperature 18º C
Wetsuits allowed.
Race start was delayed due to weather conditions. The bike course was shortened due to delayed start.