Start List: 2018 St. Kilda OTU Paratriathlon Oceania Championships | PTVI Men
14 Jan, 2018 St. Kilda (Catani Gardens), Australia
# First Name Last Name NOC
626 Jonathan Goerlach B3 AUS
627 Gerrard Gosens B1 AUS
628 Daniel Searle B1 AUS
Program notes:

The race was modified to a duathlon due to the water conditions. 75% of the points were awarded.
Technical Delegate: Christina Thorne/AUS. Race Referee Michael Haarsma/AUS. Competition Jury: Christina Thorne/AUS, Lukas Matys/AUS, Paul Stevens/AUS.
Distances: 1st Run 2.5 km (1 lap); Bike 20 km (8 km + 12,5 km); 2nd run 5 km (1 lap).
Athlete from PTVIB2 class has the compensation time of 02.58 added to his time. All athletes started together
Athlete #628 Searle/AUS served a 10 seconds penalty in T1,