# First Name Last Name NOC
101 Mary Catherine Callahan H1 USA
102 Ahalya Lettenberger H2 USA
103 Brenda Osnaya Alvarez H1 MEX
Program notes:

Technical Delegate: Andrew Armstrong/CAN. Head Referee: Bobbie Solomon/USA. Competition Jury: Andrew Armstrong/CAN, Courtney Kulick/USA, Robert Whitford/USA.
Water Temperature: 19.9ºC; Air temperature 21.4º C.
Wetsuit swim.
Distances: Swim 750 m (1 lap), Bike 18.3 km (3 laps), Run 5 km (2 laps).
Staggered start. H2 athletes started 03:00 after H1. The total time for H2 athletes is the addition of the 5 splits plus 03:58.