# First Name Last Name NOC
626 Aaron Scheidies B2 USA
627 Jon Dunkerley B1 CAN
628 David Rangel Uzcategui B3 VEN
629 Brandon Adame B1 USA
631 Alberto Guzman B1 USA
632 Brad Snyder B1 USA
634 Kyle Coon B1 USA
Program notes:

Technical Delegate: Andrew Armstrong/CAN. Head Referee: Bobbie Solomon/USA. Competition Jury: Andrew Armstrong/CAN, Courtney Kulick/USA, Robert Whitford/USA.
Water Temperature: 19.9ºC; Air temperature 21.4º C.
Wetsuit swim.
Distances: Swim 750 m (1 lap), Bike 18.3 km (3 laps), Run 5 km (2 laps).
Staggered start. B2 and B3 athletes started 03:16 after B1 athletes. The total time for B2 and B3 athletes is the addition of the 5 splits plus 03:16.