# First Name Last Name NOC
132 Jasmine Feddema CAN
133 Madeleine Kennedy CAN
134 Lara Gruden USA
135 Chelsea Raymond CAN
136 Sara Bourque CAN
137 Charlotte Audra CAN
138 Marie-Ange Hébert CAN
139 Leanna Lee CAN
140 Cat Giuseffi USA
141 Christiane Bilodeau CAN
142 Payton Ryz CAN
143 Emma Jean Neal CAN
144 Chilyn Fenton CAN
145 Asia Kern CAN
146 Abby Speirs CAN
147 Kamille Larocque CAN
148 Ava Snyder CAN
149 Haileigh Chenier CAN
150 Taylor Embree CAN
151 Saoirse Kealey CAN
Program notes:

Technical Delegate: Craig Hanken/USA.
Head Referee: Eric Noel/CAN.
Competition Jury: Jerome McEniry/CAN, Andrew Dacanay/CAN, Les Pereira/CAN.
Distances: Swim: 750 m (1 lap); Bike: 20 km (2 laps); Run: 5 km (3 lap).
Water Temperature 18.9ºC. Air Temperature 20ºC. Wetsuits allowed.
Athlete #148 Snyder/CAN served a 10 second penalty on the run course.
Athlete #140 Giuseffi/USA was disqualified for not completing the run course.