# First Name Last Name NOC
626 Dave Ellis B3 GBR
627 Héctor Catalá Laparra B2 ESP
628 Jonathan Goerlach B3 AUS
629 Jose Luis García Serrano B1 ESP
630 Arnaud Grandjean B3 FRA
631 Jon Dunkerley B1 CAN
632 Brad Snyder B1 USA
633 Alen Kobilica B1 SLO
Program notes:

Technical delegate: Felix Molina/MEX. Head referee: Vicki Lundine/CAN. Competition Jury: Felix Molina/MEX. Kris Kemmel/ITU. Andrew Dacaney/CAN.
Distance: Swim 750m (1 lap) Bike 20 km (5 laps) Run 5 km (1 lap)
Water temperature 23.6° C, Air temperature 22° C, Wetsuit allowed
Staggered start , athletes tagged with B2 or B3 started the race 03:21 after those tagged with B1 . The total time for B2 or B3 athlètes is the addition of the 5 splits plus 03:21
Athlete #632 Snyder/USA served a 10 seconds penalty during the run segment